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A Rustic Barn Wedding

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I'm loving today's wedding with its rustic touches and bright bridesmaid dresses its just what we need after a afternoon of rain! where's the sunshine gone!

I'm delighted to introduce you to Candice and William today , they met in  a nightclub in Pontefract through mutual friends. Candice  asked William to pretend to be her boyfriend because she had an older man talking to her. The night after she asked her friend for his Facebook name and he said he didn’t have Facebook, she remembers thinking who doesn’t have Facebook! His friend gave her his number and they have been together ever since, eight years in total.

The proposal story| ''William had planned to purpose at Leeds Festival while watching Biffy Clyro who are our favourite band. He had planned to purpose to our favourite song “mountains”, there is a part in the song where they sings “you are my mountain you are my sea” and William was going to sing “you are my mountain, will you marry me”…… However, for some reason Williams emails were open on my phone and when I went to check my email I saw a confirmation from Dimin factory! I couldn’t help but look. I kept it to myself for over a month and then I drunk a little too many champagnes and admitted to him! I know! What a stupid thing to do.But William still purposed singing the song to me and it was so special!''

 The wedding planning| ''My mother in law planned almost all of the wedding, with my say and it was the most perfect day of my life! William allowed us to plan most of the wedding but had his say with the stag do! I  always knew I wanted a rustic wedding but didn’t know where.''

 The venues| ''We decided on Berts Barrow Barn in Hillam. My mother in law had gone to a party there and said it was amazing. We then went to a Halloween party and knew it was the perfect venue for us.We got married at St Andrews church in Ferrybridge. I was christened there, my mother and sister were married in this church! It means a lot to my family''.


 Finding the dress|'' I  found my perfect dress in wed2be in Rotherham. It was the fourth dress I tried on I believe and I tried over eight on and went back to that dress! My mother cried when she saw me in it. I took my mum, mother in law and sister in law with me.''

''The morning of the wedding was so special, seeing all my amazing friends getting ready and reminiscing on times we have all had. Before leaving my bridesmaid gave me a box that had two presents, one was a garta and a pandora bracelet which was engraved Love from your bridesmaids! It was the most amazing gift. I had seven bridesmaids and four flower girls.''.

''Williams suit was hired from Top Mark in Pontefract. He choose Brown Swede suits and they all chose to have flap cap hats on! William had two best man, he couldn’t decide from two brothers! He then had five ushers! Williams bought me a necklace and earring set for the morning of the wedding! It was beautiful!.

 Most memorable part of the day|  ''Gosh there were so many! I think it was seeing Williams face when I walked down the aisle. Also seeing all of our guests watching us do the first dance, that was special and meant so much to me''.

 Honeymoon| ''We went away for a few days after and have booked our honeymoon in September to Morocco''.

Any advice for future Brides & Grooms| ''Enjoy the day because it goes so fast!''


Steal Their style

Photographer- Simon Wall

Cake maker- Kendal Wagner and Charlene Parkinson

Make -up artist- Alice Garfoot

Wedding transport- East Yorkshire Coaches

Venue dresser- we did this ourselves

Stationery- My mother in law made a lot of things

Florist- Kendal Wagner

Suits- Top Marks

Wedding gown- Wed2Be

Bridesmaids dresses- Ebay- Seller- Crysal_dresses

Brides shoes- Ebay

 Bar Liquid Catering

Venue- Berts Barrow.

Evening food- Dodson’s fish and chips.

Band- The good Habits.

Food was afternoon tea made my Angie Garfoot

Pianist- David Robertshaw

Tipees from The Bell Tents.

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