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Welcome to Monday! usually Id be full of the Monday blues mentally preparing myself for this weeks night shifts. But this week I'm really excited my house is almost renovated and we may have a moving in date! I'm also  excited about introducing another fabulous Yorkshire supplier, earlier in the month we caught up with Rebecca from Eventalist here's what she had to say about her fabulous business. Have a great week everybody!. 


''EVENTALIST is primarily a wedding and event planning company. Under this we have our concept, styling, dressing and rental items. We like to position ourselves as the approachable planner meaning that we can work with any budget or size of event or wedding''.

''EVENTALIST started last year in 2018. After 10 years of living in Dubai working in luxury events, I returned back to the UK. I have a 16 month old baby girl and just recently married too.
I wanted to use my knowledge of being a partner in a very successful event company in Dubai. I felt that it was time for me to use all the knowledge that I gathered and bring it to life again through EVENTALIST''.

''Being an animal lover we live in the countryside with two rescue dogs that I brought back from Dubai.
My Aunt – Sue Wheater is my business partner and brings a totally different flare to the business, which I love. Sue is based in Yorkshire.
We are like sisters and love working together''.

What makes you different from other suppliers?.

''We believe in transparency and total trust before anything. We want our clients to feel that. In addition to this our service and approach is value for money – no matter the budget we strive to create something that is bespoke and unique for each individual wedding''.

What's been your highlight to date?

''The first highlight for us was when we booked our first wedding in the UK. It brought us tears of joy to know that a couple will trust us enough as a new start up to deliver their special day.
The second Highlight for me (Rebecca) was when Sue worked on all my wedding setup (that I didn’t see until I entered the Ceremony room) Sue also attended the wedding, made the cake too and then dismantled everything with the team. I still can’t thank her enough. Everything was just perfect''.

 What questions do brides ask you most often?

''We get a lot of different questions but sometimes brides turn to us for advice on their dress choice believe it or not, which is sometimes very difficult to answer as it’s a personal choice. So, we like to give them the wedding scenario as a whole and a vision they can relate to of course keeping in mind the venue look and feel we are going for to help them create a picture of everything together and them in their dress.
Also, many years ago I worked in the fashion industry so when trying dresses on, the fitter should try and make it look like the dress fits to the body correctly, as this can make or break the dress and sometimes it could just be the one. All the dresses in the shop are sample dresses so when trying on if its too big it can be nipped in with clips. And make sure someone takes a video and images of you moving in it too''.

If you could give future brides one piece of advice, what would it be?

''In the run up to your day, I would suggest that you have as very little stress as possible if that means getting help then get it.. Most couples love being part of the build up and creation however sometimes this brings stress and second guessing. It is your day and people are willing to be part of it, so if it means that you give the people you trust a small job to do, feel as ease doing it.
Ask your suppliers and vendors lots of questions if you feel uneasy of anything we are all here to help and support''.

Thank you for sharing your business with us, to read more about Eventalist visit the website below.



Telephone: 07849661375

Instagram: @eventalistevents


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