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Light Up Your Wedding with Ray of Light Letters

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light up letters for hire

Light Up Letters have been really popular for a number of years now and it looks like the trend is set to continue. They make a huge impact at any event and make the perfect back drop for your wedding photos. They can really transform a room, we caught up with Rachel and Stephen who own Ray of Light letters to hear all about their fabulous business.

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Ray of Light Letters are specialists in handcrafting, bespoke light up letters, signs and symbols, which are available to hire for special occasions such as weddings. Our letter lights make a great statement, provide an idyllic ambiance and offer photo opportunities for brides, grooms and their guests. We have a full range of large (4.5ft) light up letters and numbers as well as a variety of smaller (2ft) letters. We use top of the range diamond LED lights in all our letters to add extra sparkle, these are available in a variety of colours to suit any style or theme.

Rachel (aka Ray) and Stephen work together to design and create light up letters  that offer the perfect combination of stylish decor, magnificent lighting and add a personal touch to any special event. Their combination of skills, ambition and hard work has seen the business grow from strength to strength.

What makes you different from other suppliers

Ray of Light Letters allow you to personalise your finishing touches, shining a light on the beauty of your big day. We work with you from the first moment of creating your specialty piece to the final setup of the decor on your wedding day. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality light up letters as well as the best service for all our customers.

We’ve designed a range of stylish ‘themed’ 2ft light up LOVE letters to enhance colour themes and styles; From Marvel superhero, to hot pink, spring floral and songbirds. See more images on our website.

What's been your highlight to date?

We’ve illuminated events up and down the country from London to Durham. As well as adding a bespoke feature to weddings we’ve illuminated the route for the Tour de Yorkshire, provided a warm and bright welcome to new university students and added bespoke lighting for charity balls. We’re delighted to have been nominated for best customer services in the 2018 wedding industry awards.


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